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How to Use This Website


Thanks for visiting This section gives information on the use of our website, so that you can gain the maximum value of its content and functionality.

Primary Navigation: Available on Every Page

The primary navigation appears on every page of the website. If this does not appear on a webpage, it is not part of

screenshot of primary navigation

The following links to content and functionality are always available:

Home Page: Buttons for Important Sections

There are buttons on the Home Page that link to the most important website information.

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The following buttons and links are available on the Home Page

  • Link to Assess My Needs: tips on how to use the Assess my Needs section.
  • Link to Search for Servicestips on how to use the Search for Services section.
  • Link for People with Disabilities. MADIL stands for Massachusetts Aging and Disabilities Information Locator. This partner website can connect you to service providers focused on aging- & disabilities-related services. The aging-related services point back to
  • Link to Announcements. Announcements are timely messages and links to important information. Links may be internal (pages on or external (link to outside websites).

Bottom of every page: links to all sections

At the bottom of each page you will find a second set of text links to all key website content and functions.